Secure payment

Our secure payment

The Arca Shop secure online payment management platform is fully managed by one of the major online transaction operators, PayPal. In particular, the PayPal platform, for purchases via credit cards, completely satisfies (compliance) the following security standards:


This code is shown on credit cards and is used as an additional security element for CNP (Customer Not Present) transactions, generally in eCommerce and MOTO (Mail Order - Telephone Order) transactions. The use of this security code tends to ensure that the person making a purchase is in possession of a credit card. In VISA and MASTERCARD cards, the CVV is printed on the back of the credit card (3 digits). In AMERICAN EXPRESS cards, the CVV is printed on the front of the credit card above the card code (4 digits).


This code consists of a "password" that the credit card holder must indicate upon a specific request from the merchant's website from which a purchase is being made. It is used only for eCommerce transactions and represents an additional security element to the CVV. The holder must indicate the same "password" that he memorized at the time on the website of the bank that issued his credit card (bank issuer). Only in this way can the transaction be considered safe, as it is assumed that only the real credit card holder is aware of it. 3DSsecure applies to VISA and MASTERCARD payment cards.